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The Twitter Updates You Need To Know About

Twitter will always have a place in my heart, so I’m excited about these updates and hope you will be too!

The first Twitter update I should mention is Twitter Communities. Communities such as ‘Marketing Twitter’ & ‘Black Twitter’ have formed organically over the years. However, Twitter is now introducing formal Twitter Communities. 

These will act very similar to Facebook Groups, with users able to create and join communities based on interest. 

Due to the sheer numbers of users, the open nature of the platform and the short life span of tweets it can be hard for new accounts to gain attention and therefore a following. However, Communities could offer an ‘easy in’ for individuals. 

If you have an established brand on Twitter, Communities could be a great way to foster a brand community and encourage user-generated content. 

Alongside Communities, Twitter is also bringing in ‘Super Follows’

This feature allows creators or brands to charge followers a monthly fee starting at £4.30 to access additional content such as:

  • Extra tweets
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Access to a Twitter Community
  • Profile badges to show support.

I believe this feature will be a lot more useful to individuals rather than businesses. This said if you a start-up with limited resources this could be a great way to create additional services eg access to a Twitter Community where your resident experts can answer customer questions etc.

Finally, in an effort to rival Clubhouse, Twitter has announced Twitter Spaces. 

Similar to Clubhouse, Spaces will be audio-only but with only ten users allowed in a Space. Twitter has hinted that the Space’s host will have access to welcome music and users will be able to share tweets within the Space – crucially these tweets will not be visible on the user’s timelines. 

Whilst Twitter has not announced the date that these features will be available they have said that Spaces will be available for most users in April. Currently, only a select few can create a Space – though any user can join one. 

It is believed that the development of Spaces has been pushed through at a rapid rate to compete with the likes of Clubhouse and the growing demand for audio-only content and platforms. 

If you’re interested, I’ve compared the specifics of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, along with Instagram’s LiveRooms in an IGTV Video you can watch here. 

The update I’m most excited about is Twitter Spaces, but that’s just me. If you’re eager to try out one of these features, let me know which!


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