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The New Linkedin Feature That Will Boost Your Sales

Linkedin may be the go-to platform for business-to-business brands but there is no denying that it’s often lagging behind other social platforms when it comes to updates.

However this new Linkedin feature or two could help boost sales, so maybe they were worth waiting for!

Back in October 2020, Linkedin launched Stories, which was basically the exact same Instagram Stories.

It allowed users to upload videos up to 20 seconds long which disappeared after 24hours – You know the drill.

Whilst Stories are incredibly popular on other platforms, many questioned whether this was relevant to Linkedin, though it could easily be argued that for those using Linkedin as a personal branding tool this could be a useful weapon in the arsenal.

After all, there is a consensus that the more content you share, the faster your brand grows… Slight disclaimer though, the content you share has to be good, otherwise, you’ll start verging on annoying. I’m sorry, but someone had to say it.

Anyway, now it seems that Stories is rolling out to Company Pages. And the good news for smaller brands is that there is no minimum number of followers needed.

Stories will eventually be accessible to all Company Pages – and what’s more, every Company Page will be able to use the covetable Swipe Up feature enabling them to add working links to external sites.

Other uses will also be able to respond to Stories posted by a Company Page using direct messaging, which is a great opportunity to encourage customer engagement.

Another new Linkedin feature worth noting is Lead Gen Forms.

If you have a product-based business, then you may be aware of Linkedin Product Pages. If not, don’t worry – they are effectively a business page but for your individual products where customers can ask questions and engage in general discussions.

New Product Pages will soon have access to Lead Gen Forms. Whilst it is technically one of Linkedin’s advertising tools, it is completely free to use!

You can use the Lead Gen Forms to create a Call To Action (eg get in touch) which users can respond to by completing a pre-filled form. The form will be automatically populated with details from the users Linkedin profile, such as their name, company, job title & contact info.

Once a user has completed the form, they will be redirected to a ‘thank you’ page that directs them to a link of your choice.

Currently, only around 10,000 businesses on Linkedin are using Product Pages but if you are in a B2B sector this could be a great feature to make use of whilst making your customer experience that bit smoother.

If you’d like to know more about other social media updates, you can read about the recent Twitter updates here, and Instagrams Auto Caption Tests here.


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