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How To Overcome Your ‘Secret’ Competitor

Ah competitors, the people we love to hate.

Unless you are the first in your field you’re guaranteed to have some competitors – and even if you are the first in your field, you can bet they will be quick on your heels.

Normally competitors are easy to identify and analyse.

But then there is always the Secret Competitor – the one most businesses ignore to their peril.

So who is the Secret Competitor?

Well, here’s the hard part, because they are not a single business. In fact, they probably aren’t a business – they have no services to offer or products to sell.

Instead, they have organic content.

They may be your customer’s friend, family or favourite online magazine. They may be accounts that repost cat memes or that one school friend you no longer speak to but stay Facebook friends.

The secret competitor is every one that is vying for your customer’s attention as they use social media. They create posts that ultimately means your updates is lost in the newsfeed.

Your customer may be thinking about your product and then along comes Susanne with a distraction.

How Can You Overcome the Secret Competitor?

In theory, this should be simple – do social media well.

Create posts that are interesting and engaging and are optimised for that platform’s algorithm.

In practise though it is not always that simple. So here are our top tips:

–          If you are creating quality content, stick at it. In reality, it is very unlikely that your reach will increase by 100000% overnight. It can take time to build up an interested audience.

–          Remember to be social on social media – duh! It can be so easy to be a passive scroller and poster but remember to engage with others. Twitter, in particular, is a great platform for engaging with strangers.

–          Don’t be afraid to stray. You want to be known for your products, so you post about them –that makes sense… but it can also be a bit boring to outsiders. If you know your audience, share content they will appreciate even if it is not directly linked to your business. Innocent Smoothies are a great example of doing this well.

Of course, these three tips are very generic because sadly we don’t know your business at the moment. As such just remember to take into account your industries regulations, frameworks and audience. For example, if you produce and sell plastic bags you may want to tread carefully when posting about the latest David Attenborough documentary.

If have any questions or thoughts you would like to share – or would like to work together – just get in touch.


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