Are You Sabotaging Your Marketing Strategy?

November 10, 2019
Marketing strategy self-sabotge

In the world of business, a good digital marketing strategy can seem a bit like the prince in a fairy-tale.

At first, it is elusive but endlessly charming. It looks amazing and brings with it a whole host of opportunities… 

If your business is the metaphorical damsel in distress then a good strategy will come along and solve all of your problems or so you are led to believe. It will tun up one day and guarantee you a profitable, happily ever after.   

And in many ways, this is true. 

A good marketing strategy can help bring your team together. It can make your vision clearer and help your organisation to reach the next exciting milestone.

A good strategy can transform your business… But just like the handsome prince, it often cannot do this alone. 

Just like a dream, a good strategy will not work unless you do.

Over the years we have seen many businesses dedicate themselves to creating brilliant strategies, only to sabotage themselves and that very marketing strategy a few months later.

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your strategy is to print it off on crisp, white paper… and then place it carefully in a desk drawer to never see the light of day again.

A digital marketing strategy should be a live document, it’s your best friend in business and should be treated as such.

Schedule regular check-ins. Take a moment to reflect and see if you are meeting your KPI’s (you can read our blog about the importance of KPI’s here)

Also, it is important to keep your strategy in plain sight. Whether this is pinned to your office wall or saved to your desktop. Schedule reminders in your calendar if you have to. In other words, just don’t neglect it.

The other common way to self-sabotage your digital marketing strategy is to believe it is set in stone.

And we get it.

This strategy is the grand plan. It is perfectly crafted and can guide your business to world domination if followed to the letter.

The only problem being that life doesn’t always work out that way. 

Key members of staff may leave. The governance frameworks your business operates in may change. The tide of public opinion may turn on issues that are key to your business model.

In times like this, your strategy has to adapt.

The key components will stay the same but the time scales or methods may need revisiting.

When things happen, it can be tempting to keep going in the same direction, with even more disruption being the last thing your business needs. However, any strategy worth its weight would have been carefully crafted to take in the exact resources available to it. If these resources change, then your strategy need to follow suit.

If our team has created your digital marketing strategy, only for your circumstances to change – just let us know. Tell us what has happened and we can work together to make sure your strategy is still just right for your business, as it is now.

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