Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

I offer a range of digital marketing consultancy services however if none of these are quite right, we can always put together a tailored package to help meet your needs and grow your business.

Strategy Creation

If you can carry out the day-to-day activities but need someone to point you in the right direction, look no further. 

After getting to know your business and learning about your objectives, I will create an actionable strategy, broken down into simple steps to help you reach your goals.

Once the strategy has been created we’ll have another chat to ensure it is everything you need and you fully understand how to implement it to see the best results. 

I’ll be on hand to answer any questions for the first two weeks of implementation so you don’t have to go it alone!

Monthly Coaching

If you need ongoing support my monthly coaching package is for you. 

We can talk about your needs and agree on the amount of time needed each month, whether this is an afternoon every few weeks or a set number of hours spread out throughout the week instead. 

During our time I’ll answer any questions, help you navigate digital marketing and advise you on how to see the best return on investment for your marketing. 

Start-Up Sessions

Started a new business? We can schedule one or two sessions to help you decide which direction you want to take your digital marketing. I can help you set up and optimise your social profiles, decide on the voice and tone of your marketing and look at how to use the atomisation technique.

If you’d like to know more our my digital marketing consultancy services, you can get in touch here or book an introductory call here.