Why Content Marketing & Brand Trust Are Crucial To Success

November 10, 2019

Every business wants to be seen as trustworthy. However, not all businesses know how to build ‘brand trust.’

The idea of brand trust was originally defined as a consumer having confidence that your brand is reliable, has integrity – and crucially, that the consumer has a willingness to act.

This ‘act’ may be completing a transaction with you, subscribing to your marketing or recommending you to a friend. Basically, all of the good stuff.

As such, you can see why brand trust is crucial to commercial success.

You may have the most incredible product or revolutionary service, but if customers do not view you as reliable and are not willing to act, then your business will not thrive. It really is as simple as that.

Even if your business can survive on customers making lots of one-off purchases, without brand trust your organisation will not reach the level of success you may hope for. Why? Because consumer trust can be a major predictor of a customer’s commitment to your brand.

When a consumer enters into a relationship with a brand that they view as trustworthy data suggests that the idea of ‘trust’ is valued so highly that they are more likely to commit to that brand.

Once a customer is committed to your brand, they are less likely to be lured away by competitors, even by deals that offer short-term benefits such as lower price points.

So, how can you build brand trust in your business?

It’s simple really: communicate regularly with your customers and potential leads.

Studies show that communication has a direct effect on brand trust. Communication through methods such as content marketing can help align customer expectations with your brand’s offering.

Content marketing can even help with resolving potential disputes, by helping your brand to communicate clearly and simply with the customer.

Without regular content marketing, it can be hard to develop brand trust, as the customer will not know what to expect from your business – and thus, it will be more difficult to establish a reputation of being reliable and acting with integrity.

Content marketing can come in many forms, it can be instructional pieces on how to use your product or gain the most from your service.
It can be educational posts to inform customers, positioning your brand as the trusted authority.

However, content marketing can also be humorous or inspiring such as images or videos that demonstrate your core business values and help customers better understand your brand.

It can even be a mix of all of the above and more, as long as the key messages you are communicating are consistent.

If you would like to build trust in your brand, but need help with content marketing our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Just get in touch.

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