Welcome to The Digital Principle, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Colne, Lancashire. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients, understanding their goals and delivering tangible results.

We may be an agency, but our digital marketing is so fast to react it feels in-house. (However, we can’t promise to make a round of brews every hour.)

We have a proven track record in creating actionable, successful strategies and content marketing .

We can carry out your day to day content marketing, or if you’d rather carry out some DIY we can help with strategy creation.

The Big Question

A lot of people ask us “What is ‘The Digital Principle’?”

In essence it’s a belief that digital channels can and should be used to democratise the business world.

The chance to reach a huge audience, shouldn’t rely solely on a huge budget. Before the digital revolution if you weren’t prepared to pay for adverts on the TV or newspaper you were forced to miss out.

That didn’t sound very fair to us, so we created an agency dedicated to helping small and medium sized business grow alongside helping start-ups find their feet.


Meet The Team

Rebecca – Founder

Before founding The Digital Principle Rebecca created content and strategies for business ranging from career websites to construction and more. A glutton for punishment, Rebecca has recently completed a Msc Digital Marketing and can often be found with a phone in-hand. A social media addict she loves nothing more than testing new features and ideas.

Craig – Account Manager

 With a background in logistics and hospitality, Craig made the jump into digital and has never looked back. He’s a Chelsea supporter (despite living up north) and helps customer with everything from campaign management to analytics. If you need help with strategy, or just a good ol’ chin wag Craig is your man.

Morag – Account Manager.

With over 10 years’ experience looking after key clients, Morag can take care of your every need and answer any question. A keen crafter, she’s full of creativity and will ensure your marketing is tailored to you.

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